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Mad Things
Badger obsessed hardcore from 1997 by 15 year-olds who went on to be in That Fucking Tank, Buzzkill, The Horn the Hunt, The Magnificent and other OBA bands.

Real Fucky Fucky
The band that birthed OBA featuring Andy Abbott, Keeby Abu Hamdan, Giles Bailey and Ben Walker and whose legacy is this somewhat crusty recording from 2001.

Kill Yourself
First ever recording session from 2002 at Prism studios in Stoke, some of which appeared on later OBA releases.

The album recorded in 2004 that was never released.

currently active band featuring Andy Abbott, Jon Nash, Steven Nuttall and Patrick Dowson. This is their first 'demo' recorded by just Steve and Andy with Rob Whiteley.

Andy Abbott's solo bedroom and field recordings.

Eagle Eye
Defunct Futureheads/Arab-on-Radar/Bilge Pump-y trio of OBA faces James Islip, Joe Osborne and Graham Pilling. This is their e.p recorded with Rob Whiteley in Liverpool in 2005.

Currently active band featuring Stef from Shield Your Eyes, Andy from That Fucking Tank, and Doog from The Wow. More over at http://gnatsclitrecordings.bandcamp.com/.