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The Wow came from Stoke-On-Trent and were made out of Doog (ultra-drummer from Spy Vs Spy and Future Adventures), Whitey who had played in, amongst others, Ashtray Tape Navigations, and new lad Ben Reynolds. We met when Kill Yourself were recording in Stoke and we happened to go to the same pub as them during which they proved the myth about how nice Stokies are to be true. Musically they extended a small local legacy of quality progressive indie emo-rock but with more emphasis on the prog. Rush always jumped out at me as a more fitting reference point than Cap'n Jazz although many may disagree. In their earlier days they were tight and proficient, making audience members whoop and clap like monkeys but as things developed they eschewed structured songs in favour of often-times dangerously physical freak-out jams.

They split up in 2005 or thereabouts after Ben had moved to Glasgow where he now does singer-songwriter avant-folk and Whitey, who I've read described as Stoke's own Syd Barrett, dropped off the map. Last time I saw Doog he did a Bonham-esque drum solo set at a festival in Cheshire. it was just like Woodstock.

During their life-span they toured with Kill Yourself in the UK and Europe and then later with Kill Yourself and This Aint Vegas around the UK. Hermit records released an EP on CD and Vinyl called 'Come Here' and The Wow feature on 'Brand New Gay Scene' (Obscene Baby Auction).

Appearance on: LOT 002