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LOT 004
Kill Yourself 'Soft Touch Of Man EP'

Format: 12-inch clear vinyl, with acetate insert

Kill Yourself (Leeds)

Release date:
April 2003

Run: 300 copies

The name ‘Soft Touch of Man’ I stole from a line in eighties wonder-film ‘Romancing the Stone’. The songs had been recorded in a session with Robert Whiteley (whose name is misspelled in the insert). We met Rob when Kill Yourself were on tour and playing in Liverpool. He introduced himself drunkenly by explaining to us that we ‘sounded exactly like Shellac and he could record us exactly like Steve Albini.’ How could we say no? We opted for minimal and cheap packaging on this release but it worked out nicely. Giles had taken some photos in Glasgow of a horse and a dog which became our first full-colour labels and we went transparent with the rest: clear vinyl, acetate inlay (which would have been the most expensive element if Paul Rauschen hadn’t sourced some for cheap from his work), and a clear sticker for the sleeve.

LP sold out but still available through Gringo records on CD and digital download.