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Buzzkill had an extended life, starting out as a punk covers band at high school in the mid-nineties, and ending up as a horn laden garage-rock powerhouse that let go of the name around 2007. In between they played ska-punk, Rocket From The Crypt influenced soul and even touched on some Jesus Lizard type noise-rock for a while. Members included James Islip (later of Kill Yourself, That Fucking Tank), Joe Osborne (currently of The Horn The Hunt) but the constant in the band was singer-guitarist Matt Colmer who made a brilliant and endearing frontman.

In 2007 or 2008 the current members of Buzzkill changed the name to The Dead Reckoning as a way to make a distinction to all of Buzzkill's past incarnations. Matt, along with Charlie who drummed in Buzzkill's most slick and hard-rocking period now play with James Islip in punk rock band The Magnificent.

Appearance on: LOT 002