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I can't remember exactly how we'd come about organising a gig for Lords, which I think was their first in Leeds. We'd put on Chris' previous band Reynolds before who shared a similar love of Travis Bean guitars and Albini-related guff to Kill Yourself and I'd thoroughly enjoyed Wolves of Greece and their mental live show, one of which had involved singer Simon (previously of Bob Tilton) falling off the stage and giving himself concussion. Lords were instead a much more 'together' affair playing bluesy rock riffs ala the Groundhogs, PW Long and Captain Beefheart. Elvis' drumming was astounding and his constant grinning infectious enough to make Lords a true sure-fire winner on any bill. They played second to last at the 'Old Baby Sex Scene' release party and to this day it is one of my favourite live experiences.

Lords have stopped gigging due to geographical spread of members. Chris is carrying on something different but the same in Kogumza. Gringo released two albums by Lords and perhaps there's a third in the pipe?

Appearances on: LOT 006