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John Holmes were playing a lot around the time that Obscene Baby Auction started. Their members had been in significant hardcore bands like Manfat and Hard To Swallow and back then Sned who ran Flat Earth Records was drumming for them. Later on Mick from J*R joined as drummer before he became employed by the police (not the band) and was replaced. Musically the period with Mick was pretty incredible, John Holmes always being a full-on experience if you were willing to indulge the macho posturing. They contributed a live track to the 'Brand New Gay Scene' compilation when another 'no bullshit' punk band from Leeds, 'The Sex Maniacs' pulled out. In 2006 John Holmes disbanded and members now play in hardrockers Goatspeed and fastrockers Geriatric Unit.

Appearance on: LOT 002