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McWatt was a duo of Seth and Sarah. Seth used to play in hardcore outfits Baby Harp Seal, Solanki, and Diesel Vs Steam amongst others and this, along with the equally amazing 7 Hertz, was an early indication of the less noisey direction in which he was heading. Sarah had lived in Leeds for many a year and played flute for a while in Like a Kind of Matador. McWatt's performances were quite beautiful things, no more so for me than one Sunday-afternoon of a Chinchillafest where their perfectly executed un-amplified set had everyone hypnotised and lifted the hangover-cloud that covered the room. Their album that came out in 2007 on Lanchashire and Somerset on LP and Singing Knives on CD is one of the best from the Leeds 6 area.

Seth still plays mostly acoustic music with 7 Hertz and in Orchestra Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp as well as plenty of Jazz stuff. Sarah moved to Liverpool and continues to play music in a more professional capacity.

Appearance on: LOT 006