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This Aint Vegas, or TAV-lads as we knew them, were a long-running band that had been formed by young men from Sunderland who had known each other pretty much from birth. The first time I saw them was in 2001 or 2002 when we played together in Newcastle and at which point they were belting out Dischord Records style indie-rock with musical competency and emotional spirit that utterly disguised their frightfully young age.

Over the next few years they released a couple of excellent albums and singles on Jealous Records and toured like tour-obsessed bastards across the UK and mainland Europe including Spain.

As time bore on and their American post-hardcore influences became more subtle and replaced by an organic British post-punk vibe with more sophisticated song writing and dynamics. Around 2008 they called it quits due to one of the vocalists Adam having real-life commitments. The other three can now be found in Springsteen-tinged indie-rockers Coal Train.

Appearances on: LOT 002, LOT 006,